3 Point Attachments For Tractors

Attaching devices to tractors used to be a laborious and time-consuming task. Obviously, doing this manually was not the most efficient method, and because time is money, many advancements to tractor attachments and linkage have been made over the years. Many tractors now include 3 point attachments, which is a considerably safer way to connect a tractor to an implement. These are divided into groups that specify which hitches can be safely utilized with various tractors.

What are the 3-point hitch categories?

3 point attachments for tractors categories indicate the size of implements that can be utilized with a certain tractor. Compact tractors, lawn tractors, and sub-compact tractors often have smaller classifications like 0 and 1. As the category number increases, the implements become heavier and larger, necessitating a larger tractor with stronger lift arms.

There are various types of 3-point hitches, which are mostly distinguished by their category. The tractor compatibility and hitch size are specified in each category. The classifications are normally as follows:

  • Category 0: suits tractors up to 20 hp (15kW)
  • Category 1: suits tractors between 20 to 45 hp (15 to 34 kW)
  • Category 2: suits tractors between 40 to 100 hp (30 to 75 kW)
  • Category 3: suits tractors between 80 to 225 hp (60 to 168 kW)
  • Category 4: suits tractors 180+ hp (130 kW)

Where can I find quality 3 point quick attachments for tractors for sale?

At Heavy Hitch, we offer the best quality 3 point quick attachments for tractors available on the market. Here are some of the products we have on sale:

HHOS: Category 0, 3 Point Hitch Receiver Drawbar

The tractor ballast box is being redefined by our unbreakable 3 point hitch receiver drawbars. You no longer have to choose between increasing weight and adding equipment to get the job done with this device. You can now do both. Simply attach any 2-inch receiver compatible attachment and add luggage weights as a counterbalance.

HA1: Category 1, 3 Point Hitch Receiver Drawbar Adapter

Our adapter is ideal for people who do not require too much weight handling but still wish to use 2 -inch receiver attachments. Our drawbar adapter is designed for compact utility and subcompact tractors with up to 45 horsepower.

H2AS: Category 2, 3 Point Hitch Receiver Drawbar Adapter

Our drawbar adapter is designed for customers who do not require a weight handling capability but still wish to use 2-inch receiver accessories. The 3 point quick hitch receiver adapter comes complete with super duty.

H2AG: Category 2 Dual Receiver Drawbar Three Point Hitch Adapter

The lower 3-inch X 3-inch base tube Super Duty has a 1/4-inch-thick wall. This 3 Point Hitch Adapter features a welded steel hook to the top of your receiver hitch and is included with the Super Duty Hitch for easy and quick pulling capability. The hook allows you to easily attach a chain or rope to your hitch without fumbling with other tractor accessories.

If you have any questions or require any additional assistance concerning the three-point hitch, ballast boxes online, and Augers for sale, please contact us today. You can also shop for your 3 point attachments for tractors and backhoes and accessories.

3 Point Attachments For Tractors