Credential Holders

Your identification cards are one of the most essential items an employer or organization gives you.  Simply storing this information in a purse, wallet, or unapproved plastic sleeve is discouraged by the leading National Institute of Standards and Technology. Appf offers approved, durable, and long-lasting heat welded credential holders that keep your identifying information secure.

Why do I need a credential holder?

A badge holder needs to be more than a string or lanyard. Your identity is your most valuable asset. It grants you access to certain buildings, reports, and conferences. The badge an employer or organization gives you is the gateway to your personal or business life.

It may seem like your purse or wallet are a secure place to store your badge. However, experts believe that nearly 6000 pickpockets occur every day. Thieves target these accessories as they contain personally identifying information and your valuables. Access to trusted areas is incredibly damaging in the hands of the wrong person.

More importantly, everyday card holders, wallets, purses, and leather items contain chemicals which damage your badge. The degradation caused by these compounds gradually impedes the functionality of your credentials.

What kind of badge holder do I need?

Holders approved by NIST are secured by a string that is difficult to break. The sleeve used to hold your badge is electromagnetically opaque. It allows RFID cards to function without being taken out of the holder.

Waterproof holders are particularly ideal. Being secure from the elements ensures that identification remains legible and useful. Water destroys the electromagnetic capabilities of your identification, making it extremely difficult to access secure areas.

Where can I obtain secure credentials holders?

Heat sealed lanyards are a perfect solution for your credentials. Sealing keeps the elements out and your identifying information legible.

Appf offers single and bulk order lanyards. We aim to produce the highest quality goods possible.

Our heat-sealed badge holders are made of flexible, plain PVC attached to a swivel hook lanyard. They hold everything from pit passes to student and employee ids. The quality passes we produce are present at race events, helping to identify members of Toyota, Mercedes, Nissan, Ford, Chrysler, Chevrolet, and formula one teams.

Customizing my credentials

Heat sealing allows you to create customized badges. Many chemicals are insensitive to the process we use. This allows customers to personalize their identification, sticking out from the crowd in unique ways.

Your brand is important. We want to help you stay up visible without compromising safety.

Losing credentials is deadly. The chemicals present in leather and other common places to store identification degrade functionality. Appf offers sleeves that combine the opportunity for sleek customization with the electromagnetically opaque material required by NIST.

Our track record of success makes our product perfect for any business or event. Whether working at an office or repairing Indy cars, our sleeves offer peace of mind.

Credential holders are one of the most crucial security accessories. Our high-quality sleeves can help you maintain identity. Visit our website today for more information.


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