Consider contacting Ascend for an elevator repair in Dallas when you want reliable service at a budget-friendly cost. Our technicians are highly qualified to work on all types of residential elevators and lift systems, including pneumatic vacuum elevators, Cibes platform lifts, stairlifts & chairlifts, and household dumbwaiters. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 214-763-9060 for all repairs as well as annual maintenance that will reduce repairs over the years and keep your equipment operating smoothly. Follow us on social media to stay connected to us until you need our services.

5 Reasons To Hire Ascend For Repairs To Residential Elevators

1. We make it easy to buy residential elevators in Dallas and have them professionally installed in your home. By working closely with our team, we’ll determine the best equipment to achieve your goals and improve mobility in your home. Luxury residential elevators significantly improve the value of Dallas homes and make it more enjoyable to traverse the floors in your living space.

2. If someone in your household is in a wheelchair, we can offer numerous options to make it easier to get from one floor in your home to another. From quality wheelchair lifts in Texas to spacious and accommodating elevators, we can help you explore various types of equipment to fit your budget.

3. Unlike other elevator and stairlift installation companies in Dallas, TX that are more concerned with their bottom line than meeting the needs of their customers, we are 100% customer-oriented at Ascend. Your goals become ours, as well, when you reach out to our team to discuss a new elevator installation or an elevator repair in Dallas. If you have an older elevator in your home that has not worked in a long time, we’ll send a technician out to restore service and efficiency.

4. At Ascend, we proudly offer financing for newly installed equipment. Financing your new residential elevator is quick and easy due to our partnership with LightStream. Fill out the quick form on our website or read more about LightStream’s home improvement loans, including low-interest loans at a fixed interest rate with good credit.

5. We believe in providing reliable service to our customers, whether it’s through a quality repair or a professional equipment installation. Rest assured, your 100% satisfaction is our goal when you turn to our company for maintenance, repairs, and installation services. Read more about our commitment to you in the ‘Services’ section of our website or reach out to us by calling 214-763-9060.

Why wait to get started? Our techs can come out at your convenience to troubleshoot issues with your elevator or evaluate your home to get set up for an elevator installation. Let us know if you have any questions or require a quote for repairs. Take advantage of free blog articles that showcase the best features of our residential lifts and elevators. Popular titles include:

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