Rail Drill

Rail Drill

Automatic drills have been specifically designed for rail applications, recognizing the need to provide a safe working system for working in poor conditions. Due to their compact size, these drills allow considerable time savings by avoiding the need for the operator to move or wear protective equipment.

These drills are equipped with a cooling system consisting of a pump containing lubricants, which is connected to a quick-connect fitting. This unit is lightweight and ideal for individual operation.

Industrial Drilling Machines

As the complexity and precision of a drilling job increase, the more sophisticated the drilling machines available in today’s industry become.

For example, radial arm drilling machines are used for drilling holes up to 40mm in diameter with impeccable precision in high-grade steel and other heavy metals. Often times the arm can rotate around the column and move vertically, making this machine ideal for machining large workpieces.

Several highly efficient machines are available for serial industrial work: the multi-spindle drilling machine, for example, whose drilling head is equipped with several spindles driven by the main spindle, makes it possible to drill several holes in a single working stroke.

Why choose to AutoDrill?

AutoDrill’s drilling and tapping machines are being engineered and implemented across hundreds of industries around the world providing companies the ability to work and manufacture safer and more efficiently.

What do we do?

We make manufacturers more efficient by providing drilling and tapping solutions. Our sales team and global distribution partners strive to serve our customers as best as possible. We sell our products with confidence and pride! We are extremely dependable.

About us

AutoDrill is your one-stop-shop for drilling, tapping, and other metalworking equipment. Automation helps both the company that is struggling to survive and the one that is thriving to become more efficient with their time and resources. Here are some of the basic products we offer: automated drills, multi-drill heads, drill press tapping equipment, production tapping equipment, pneumatic controls, basic application, and engineering assistance.

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Rail Drill


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