Steel manufacturers and suppliers face stiff competition and several unpredictable incidents in their line of business. The only way to ensure excellent metal production and fabrication is to work with a company that has weathered all these different kinds of storms. The following guide breaks down our various metal fabrication processes to know what you are working with and how we fit into your project.

Overview of our metal fabrication processes

What is sheet metal fabrication?

It is the process of turning metal sheets into functional parts that are usable in different construction processes. The exact fabrication method depends on the type of metal, where thin metal may need easy processes because they are malleable and thicker sheet metals undergo strenuous production processes. The most common metals needing fabrication are bronze, copper, brass, steel, aluminum, and magnesium, among many more.

Types of sheet metal fabrication in Chicago


The method changes a sheet of metal into different shapes by bending, stretching, roll forming, and stamping it to give it the correct contours and shapes.


There are different kinds of cuts, and each one depends on the needed precision for the product. Some cutting methods are more accurate and therefore suitable for industrial goods and will use high-end techs like laser and water jet cutting.


Joining uses a combination of processes like brazing, welding, and riveting to improve the overall properties of fabricated metal. Some standard joining processes include coating, deburring, sandblasting, and annealing, among many more.

Tools used in sheet metal fabrication in Chicago

We rely on special tools to process and produce our metals into proper custom metalwork in Chicago. Our work gains enormous popularity because we invest in the right tools and products to bend, turn, weld and ensure even cutting and high-end production. These tools cut deep into sheet metals with extreme accuracy and the slightest effort to create the exact angles and shapes.

Chicago metal fabricators may use a combination of tools to whip the sheet metal into shapes, such as hydraulic breaks that create bends at specific angles or heat to remove uneven warping and assemble the metal into the perfect final product. Our technologies include a wide array of the latest tools and procedures, so you can expect fast and easy manufacturing when you place your order.

Why choose our sheet fabrication method?

Sheet metals can stretch and compress when they have just the right shape and weight. It is costly to invest in a new fabrication process if the first sheet metal fabrication manufacturer has an inefficient production process. We understand what goes into creating complex and custom shapes and want to help you complete your project fast at affordable costs.

The above is only a synopsis of the sheet metal fabrication process, highlighting the tools, processes, and materials used in the process. We invite you to check out our page for a list of our services. You can contact us if you are interested in any of the Chicago metal supply services to discuss the details of your order and the shipment methods or other related concerns.

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