Slab Duct Manufacturer

Finding the right in-slab duct manufacturer could be difficult due to the few providers out in the market. When it comes to slab duct manufacturing, Prairie Heating has built in-slab duct and fittings that work cohesively together for your next high-rise building.

How does this help Engineers?

Engineers are always looking for a product that can be cost-effective, functions well and keeps safety in mind. When it comes to those factors, Prairie Heating hits the mark.

Prepare runs of in-slab duct easily by piecing them together on each level.

When you use in-slab duct for high-rise buildings, the in-slab duct is assembled into runs which are hoisted up to the top of the building, then placed and fit together for the final placement. Once the HVAC portion is completed, concrete is poured over the in-slab duct so they can continue to the next floor.

Technical Support is Ready to Assist

Our team at Prairie Heating Products is happy to help with installation instructions, and spec sheets so that Engineers can have peace of mind when designing the next high-rise. If an Engineer requires any more support, they can give us a call anytime!

Safety First with In-Slab Duct

Our products are Warnock Hersey fire tested to ensure that safety comes first. Our inlet boots have fire prevention. When they are heated due to a flame, they can close off the oxygen supply to snuff out any potential fire.

Get Your In-Slab Duct When You Need It

Our team's logistical support can ensure that our product is either delivered to a warehouse or in phases so that you don't have too much product sitting around. This can ensure you have the product on time, when it's time for construction.

Updated manufacturing procedures

Regular updates to the manufacturing process provide many new benefits to clients. Our natural approach offers consistent training to our staff and invests in the latest tools and skills to upgrade the HVAC slab duct.

Prairie Heating Products has a range of technologies, products, and services for our slab duct manufacturing processes. As a result, we also have a lot of old and new clients who recognize the value of our brands, which means you can easily find all the range of options you would need for business or construction.

Talk to us about any inquiries on our available slab duct and ventilation system, and we will do everything possible to make sure you have an easy payment process, smooth order fulfillment, and satisfactory products to maximize your profit growth.

Slab Duct Manufacturer

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