Smoke and Fire Dampers Eldridge USA

Smoke and fire dampers have the function of preserving the integrity of physical barriers in the event of an emergency. Supplies for every industry, plus easy ordering, fast delivery and 24/7 customer support.

What Are Fire Dampers

Fire dampers are ducting fittings often used in air transfer openings and ducts to prevent the spread of fire and smoke within a building. Different buildings require different types of fire dampers, which is why there are different types of fire dampers in HVAC. They are made from different materials to handle high and low-temperature applications.

Fire dampers are also key to proper ventilation largely because they control temperatures in industrial HVAC to maintain a conducive environment. One good thing about fire dampers is that they are designed and built to be hardy. That’s why you’d find fire dampers that could last up to 20 years.

What Do Fire Dampers Do?

Fire dampers are designed to regulate airflow within a ventilation system. A fire damper is built to close when the temperature in the room or space exceeds a designated threshold.

Fire dampers can be electrically actuated, pneumatic, or manually set. Electric and pneumatic actuated fire dampers come with fusible links. These links regulate the operating voltage to the spring return motor and allow the spring to close the damper blades when a certain temperature is reached. These automatic fire dampers automatically open when the fuse is changed, and the operating voltage to the motor is re-established.

With the manually set fire dampers, the fusible link releases let the spring close the damper blades. The fire damper is then manually reset to an open position after changing the fuse.

What is the Difference Between Fire and Smoke Damper?

The main difference between a fire damper and smoke damper is that while a fire damper closes when there’s a rise in duct temperature while a some damper needs to detect some smoke before closing. So, a fire damper goes off, once the temperature in the duct is high enough to melt a fusible link while there has to be some smoke for a smoke damper to go off.

Industrial safety experts agree that the combination of fire and smoke damper guarantees the best protection against fire hazards.

Where to Get the Best Fire and Smoker Damper Installations

Installing fire dampers is a great investment. The caveat is that this process has to be handled by experts if you’re to get the desired results. Using the wrong dampers in the wrong environments is a bad idea, which is why we help you get the best fire dampers, thanks to our extensive knowledge and hands-on experience. We evaluate your needs so that we can get you specialized, quality, safe and cost-effective dampers that are great for handling fire outbreaks and enhancing airflow regulation.

Check out our products today and contact our expert technicians to get the best type of fire dampers in HVACs.


Smoke and Fire Dampers Eldridge USA

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Smoke and Fire Dampers Eldridge USA

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