Sourcing in China for toys

Have you thought about sourcing in China for your toys? If you currently have a product that is being manufactured for your company, or you have a great idea for a toy but don’t know where to go with it, Arcadia Sourcing is able to help.


Arcadia Sourcing assists inventors and businesses with toy products with sourcing for manufacturing overseas that will help you save money. Services begin with locating the ideal vendor to work with you for the perfect balance of price and quality to meet your needs. Then, with your concept, Arcadia Sourcing will follow through to the design of the product and the prototyping phase and finally into the manufacturing process, ensuring along the way of the highest quality and timely delivery of your finished product.


From sourcing in China for your toys to the final inspection and shipment of your goods out of China and to your doorstep, Arcadia Sourcing offers expert service. They can help you with all of your toy product needs and can provide assistance for the following items:


– Plastic toys

– Bendables

– Electronic toys

– Plush toys

– Diecast cars

– OEM and ODM manufacturing

– And many other types of toys besides!


Count on the company that can provide you with the right sourcing solutions in China for your toys. Arcadia Sourcing has the right contacts and experience to supply custom plush toys that are ever-popular, bendable, die cast or plastic toy cars that are injected out. They manage every aspect of the process from design to manufacturing, so you won’t have to worry about lifting a finger along the way. 


Arcadia sourcing has an eye to cost-savings and quality control to ensure the finished product you’re counting on. One of the most important aspects in our-sourcing toys is the testing and accreditations procedures that must be performed, as your product must pass the ASTM or EN-71 and using ICTI factories- difficult processes to sort out without some assistance from a company that knows how to manage the logistics. Arcadia Sourcing will sort out these issues for you so you can avoid the headache.


The trilingual team from Arcadia Sourcing has expert communications skills in China for the manufacturing of your toys. They can communicate in fluent English, Mandarin and Cantonese, so you will never have to worry about a language barrier stopping your production or keeping your product from shipping. Their goal is to create, store and ship your custom made products in a cost-efficient, timely and professional manner.


Let Arcadia Sourcing work their magic in China for affordable manufacturing of your toys. Their contract manufacturing services will save you money while providing you with the product you have in mind.


Contact a sourcing specialist from Arcadia Sourcing by calling 852-2367-3335, or go online to to learn more about the comprehensive manufacturing and shipping services they are able to provide for your company. From idea to finished product, delivered right to your door, no one can handle every aspect of the process like Arcadia Sourcing can!

Sourcing in China for toys