Fences and gates are the best ways to ensure the security of your premises and keep your property safe. The best fences and gates are made using strong and durable materials and expert fabrication. At Osorio Metals Supply, we are one of the leading steel suppliers in Chicago. We utilize our experience and knowledge to create fence and gate products that are made to prevent entrance of unwanted people. Installing new gates and fences will give your property more protection and at the same time, give it a nice appearance that will increase the value.

High-Quality Products

As one of the top steel suppliers in Chicago, we offer only the best materials for sale. We provide a selection of options based on your specific needs. Our options include steel components, gates, and ornamentals to create a beautiful and functional product that will last for many years. You can choose the steel and other products that you need including hot rolled square, rectangular, or round tubes and channels. We also offer cold rolled flat, round, and square bars and round tubes. Our products include stainless steel choices to ensure the fences and gates will not rust. We will help you choose the products that best fit your specific needs.

Expert Workmanship

As one of the best steel suppliers in Chicago, we have the knowledge and training to ensure that each and every product we make is perfect. We know that our steel components are made to exacting standards so you can rely on them to meet your expectations. We take care to pay attention to detail to fabricate our products to fulfill your needs. Our team knows how to properly manufacture the parts that you need to make a strong and long-lasting fence and gate. Our products are ideal for use in every type of application including retail establishments, restaurants and bars, stores, commercial garages, and more.


At Osorio Metals Supply, we have years of experience fabricating metal products. We are a family-owned business that we started as a result of the many years of skills that we have under our belts. We have become among the top steel suppliers in Chicago. We are known for providing top-quality products that are made to our high standards. Our team has been fabricating steel products for years with our customers in mind. We stand behind our products and we know that you will be completely satisfied with the fences, gates, and other items we make.

We understand metal fabrications and know how to produce the best quality products possible. We make our steel components with precision and to exceed your expectations. We will happily assist you in choosing the products that will fit your needs and budget. Please view our many products and materials on our website. We offer a wide range of options to make your structure more secure. We have many satisfied customers who are thrilled with the quality, durability, and appearance of our products. Please call us for all inquiries.

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