Suspended Ceiling Panels

A coffered ceiling is one of the most luxurious and elegant ceilings you can choose. A coffered ceiling uses suspended ceiling panels to create a beautiful appearance and hide imperfections. A coffered ceiling is generally made of wood or of wood molding and tiles. Panels are held in place through a grid system. This type of ceiling creates an appealing look and is often used in upscale homes, restaurants, retail spaces and other locations.

Wood Ceiling Systems

Wood ceiling systems are the perfect way to improve the look of any space to give it an upscale appeal. Our suspended ceiling panels are made from recycled materials and come in a variety of styles, colors and designs. You can create any pattern that you like using suspended ceiling panels. Start with a grid that you can fill with wood panels, tiles and fabric to design a wonderful ceiling space.

There are many advantages to suspended ceiling panels. One of the most important considerations is their luxurious appearance. They are available in a wide range of different types and colors of wood so you can make the ceiling look exactly as you prefer. Wood panels are suspended from the original ceiling to create a space. This covers up an unsightly ceiling and at the same time offers a way to cut down on utility costs.

Our suspended wood ceiling systems are made of recycled materials and have a classic hand-crafty appearance. The panel system can be adapted to any size and shape room and installation is fast and easy with no mess. All the panels are pre-cut to size and the components are all pre-finished. The system is affordable with a savings of up to 70 percent over custom millwork.

Wood Ceiling Systems

Suspended ceiling panels give a classy look to any room. They are available in many different varieties of woods such as oak, ash, cherry, maple, cedar, hickory, poplar, pine and walnut as well as many exotic woods. We offer three main options for our wood panels.

Option A is a fully coffered system with complete wood panels throughout. This provides you with the most elegant and classic look. Option B is the use of wood trim molding with a variety of some wood panels along with other, traditional ceiling panels. This still provides a high quality appearance but allows for cost savings.

Option C is to install wood moldings with traditional ceiling tiles throughout. This gives the appearance of a wood drop ceiling without the expense. Solid wood trim moldings are used to create the grid for your drop ceiling installation.

Wood ceiling systems look great in a number of different places including in residential and commercial settings. They are ideal for home theatres and offices, bars and dens, hotels, public and government buildings, conference rooms, casinos, conference rooms and more. Wood ceilings will instantly improve the look and feel of the space and make it appear taller and more inviting. You can view our gallery for design inspiration ideas for your suspended wood ceiling installation project.